Vicious Little Darlings, a YA novel by Katherine Easer, was recently released by Bloomsbury. It revolves around Sarah Weaver, a jaded seventeen-year-old from a broken home, who leaves California to attend an all-women’s college in Massachusetts. Sarah befriends a mysterious pair of legacy students and learns a shocking secret that could lead to murder.

Katherine has taken such courses as Introduction to Fiction and Novel I and says, “My instructors treated writing as a serious endeavor. They were meticulous, passionate, and incredibly supportive. Not only did they encourage me to pay attention to every word I wrote, but they helped me to see publication as an attainable goal rather than just a dream.”

She also shares this advice for aspiring novelists:

“Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and let your inner storyteller say what he or she needs to say. If you are embarrassed by what you’ve written, you’re probably on the right track.”

Congratulations, Katherine!

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