Online fiction writing instructor Valerie Fioravanti has some exciting news to announce—her collection of short stories, Garbage Night at the Opera, won the G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction! The prize is publication in fall 2012 by BkMk Press.

The contest’s final judge was best-selling author Jacquelyn Mitchard, who said about Valerie’s work: “These stories charm, illuminate and intrigue. They provoke the heart and comfort the mind, and display the generosity and wisdom characteristic of the best of short fiction.”

Valerie offered this practical advice for students:

“Everyone in publishing will tell you how difficult it is to publish short fiction—and it is—but collections do get published. Often through book prizes. If you want to publish a short story collection, you should be reading them. Where are your favorite short story writers publishing their work in book form? Do you notice any trends? Are you reading the manuscripts that do win?”

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Valerie; we’re excited to read your new book!

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