Prolific poet and seasoned instructor, Laurel Ann Bogen, has a poem called “Untitled L.A. Poem” that will be published in the forthcoming book, Los Angeles Speaks for Itself: Rise of a Poetry Scene 1950-1990 (Otis Books/Seismicity Editions, 2012). The book also features a documentary DVD called Innerscapes, which includes original interviews with ten Los Angeles poets, from which the rest of the book grew.

Laurel Ann has this advice for aspiring poets submitting their work for publication:

“I always try to remember not to take things personally. When poems are rejected, it isn’t necessarily because they are bad poems; it could be the editor had a bad lunch that day and felt like rejecting everything. Or they had 17 poems about railroads already before looking at yours on Amtrak. Keep plugging away: unless you submit poetry there is no way you will be published.”

To listen and be inspired by Laurel Ann’s work click here. You can check out her upcoming readings at the West Hollywood Book Fair, or at the Los Angeles Ruskin Art Club.

Congratulations, Laurel Ann (and thanks for the sound advice)!

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