The UCLA Extension winter catalog is out and enrollment is officially underway! As always, the Writers’ Program has more than a hundred excellent workshops to choose from this quarter in fiction, memoir, personal essay, television writing, and feature film writing, to name a few. Don’t know where to begin? To give you a head start, here are some of our staff favorites this quarter:

Screenwriting advisor Jeff Bonnet already signed up for Writing One-of-a-Kind Characters: Practical Tips and Techniques with instructor Chris Webb. “Personally, I’m interested in this course because the majority of courses I’ve had have been story- and structure-oriented. Those elements are crucial, but at the end of the day people don’t leave a movie theater and talk about the plot. It’s the characters they care about. Chris is versed in both story and character, and I think he’s going to do a great job teaching this new course. Plus, he tends to invite interesting guest speakers, so I’m looking forward to it!”

Carla Janas, Assistant to the Director and one of our newest staff members shares this: “So you’ve written a screenplay—now what? I recommend Antwone Fisher‘s Be Savvy: The Business of Being a Screenwriter! Screenwriting is like any other entrepreneurial endeavor and needs to be treated as such. I’d love to take this class (just thinking of the word ‘networking’ makes me break out in hives). Antwone’s class you’ll learn how the business works, how to advance your project, and how to move forward with agents, producers and studios.

Creative Writing Online Advisor Katy Flaherty has this to say about Writing the Personal Essay (Online): “Liza Monroy brings her own experience as a travel writer, personal essayist, and novelist to the table. If you’re just getting started and want to tell a personal story, or if you’re an experienced writer looking for a new genre in which to express yourself, this class is for you.”

Katy’s team member, our new(ish) program assistant Alicia Wheeler (who seems like an old pro already), recommends Sherry Shahan‘s Writing Picture Books for Children (Online). “Everyone still remembers their favorite children’s story — children’s literature can be that impactful. In this workshop you’ll combine the visual with the written. You’ll advance your own writing by thinking like a kid again!”

Creative Writing onsite advisor Sara Bond wants everyone to know about new instructor Michelle Meyering‘s workshop, Submitting to Los Angeles Literary Journals. “Take advantage of living in a city rife with literary activity and learn the paths to having your work published in local journals. Not just in theory, either, since you’ll have the chance to meet the editors firsthand and hear what they’re looking for.” It definitely sounds like an incredible (and unique!) opportunity to meet people in-the-know.

And finally, my pick: How to Write a Million Dollar Proposal. (Eye catching title, right?) This brand new 2-day workshop is taught by instructor Kristin Loberg, who’s new to the Writers’ Program but certainly not new to publishing. Kristin has written (and sold) proposals for a very long list of respectable experts and publishing houses, and has also ghostwritten over 50 books herself. I’m planning to take the class too (just need to come up with some million dollar ideas, first), so I hope to see many of you there!

For more information (and to talk to one of us!), give us a ring at (310) 825-9415.

Mae Respicio is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (Onsite), and a seasoned Writers’ Program student.


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