Springtime is writing time, don’t you think? There’s something special in the air, and I’m not just talking about the pollen. Spring is, after all, nature’s time for rebirth, for renewal: dried leaves on the ground are replaced by new buds. It’s time for you to renew vows to write this year, especially if you find yourself drifting farther away from your New Year writing resolutions. So, what shall you do? Spring back on top of it, of course! (get it?)

Many students find that taking a course helps them to stay on top of their writing goals – the pressure of deadlines and homework assignments keeps them on their best behavior, and gives structure and guidance to their writing. So, be proactive this spring and consider these highlighted courses!

Starting our round of highlights with the screenwriting side, screenwriter, producer and new Wp’ instructor Dirk Blackman will teach Crafting the Action Script. Are you aspiring to write the next Die Hard or Rambo? This new course concentrates on how to develop your own action screenplay from the very beginnings, through the outline, and to the script by exploring how craft staples work specifically in action writing, including heroes, villains, scenes, dialogue, gags. Go ahead, make your action script come alive!

You want to talk to some of the best television comedy writers around? Well then, writer, producer and Wp’ instructor Ed Scharlach will have weekly interview and Q&A time with creators and producers of today’s comedy shows with his new course TV Comedy Show All-Stars: Creating and Writing Successful Television Comedy Series. The comedy pros will share how they broke into and continue to succeed in the TV business, and also talk about how they craft story, which is the primary factor in creating a good script.

If you don’t have time for a full course this spring, but still think your TV writing skills could use sprucing up, consider the new two-day seminar Half-Hour and 1-Hour Television Development with Lee Hollin, Director of Drama Development at CBS Studios. You’ll learn about the TV development process from the network and studio perspective, which will help you reach those creative goals.

And now, over to the creative writing side, we have a tasty treat this spring: The Taste of Success: A Cookbook Writing Workshop with cookbook author Norman Kolpas who will take you from scratch through the process of writing a cookbook, including developing recipes, writing narrative text to go along with it, and coming up with your proposal. Sounds delectable!

Not sure if what you’re writing qualifies as fiction or nonfiction? We have a weekend course with Stefan Kiesbye that will take you on a walk along the line, and even dabble in the space that separates the two genres. How to Fabricate Facts, Reality, and Truthwill give you the tools to write from a different perception of the real and the imagined.

If you’ve wanted to take the various pieces from your life story and create a compelling narrative that will engage readers, then Amy Friedman’s new course Writing Memoir and Personal Essay will help you structure and shape the burning pages of your journal.

Say you live in that area known as the world outside Los Angeles. It sounds cold out there. But not to worry, for non-LA residents and LA residents that would rather not deal with the LA traffic madness, we have a whole docket of online courses to consider.

Or, say you’ve wanted to write easy readers? We have a new course online on just this topic: Introduction to Writing Easy Readers (Online) with Terry Pierce. Explore readers specific to beginning readers of various types, including poetry collections, friendship series, easy-to-reads, and more.

But that’s not all! These offerings are only part of what we have coming up this April. For a full listing of spring 2012 Writers’ Program courses, go here.

Sara Bond is the Program Assistant for Creative Writing.

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