Curious about online learning? Then you’ll want to participate in our free Cyberhouse: An Online Open House, offered May 1-4 in Cyberspace. This free “event” features more than 30 summer instructors available to answer your questions online. Explore the online format, participate in live chats, access links to instructors’ bios and statements, and speak with Writers’ Program advisors and students. A 10% discount will be available to anyone who enrolls in selected Writers’ Program online courses during this 4-day event.

Here are 8 great reasons to participate:

1) Connect with more than 30 Writers’ Program online instructors.

Pose your writing-related questions to your choice of 30 online instructors who can help you decide which course is right for you.

2) Join live chats with instructors Caroline Leavitt, Lisa Rosenthal, Judith Prager and Harry Youtt.

Chat with online writing instructors and students in real time. Topics are fiction, nonfiction, and television writing.

3) Get acquainted with the largest open enrollment writing program in the country!

The Writers’ Program offers so much more than writing courses. Learn about our certificate programs, consultations, scholarships, mentorships, master classes, competitions, free events, and more.

4) Enroll in most summer online courses at an additional 10% discount off early-enrollment fees.

Get the best deal on summer online courses. Enroll in a summer online course during the four days of the Cyberhouse and you’ll save up to $60 on our already-low early enrollment fees.

5) Get answers to your questions from Writers’ Program advisors.

Our friendly advisors are writers too! Ask them for recommendations and get first-hand information on courses and instructors alike.

6) Learn more about the Blackboard format and discover how convenient it is to learn online.

Online courses allow you to study anywhere and at anytime, and there are no crowded freeways or parking fees to contend with. Online learning is convenient and easy.

7) Interact with a community of writers, all of whom are as passionate about writing as you are.

Writers’ Program online students come from all over the world. Discover a whole community of writers and make new friends for life.

8) It’s free.

Need I say more?

Don’t delay. You must enroll in the Cyberhouse no later than April 28 in order to participate.

Click here to enroll now for free.

Questions? Call (310) 825-9415 or email

Chae Ko is the Program Representative for onsite and online screenwriting courses. Contact him at

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