Wp’ student and “Success Story” veteran Mariana Dietl recently published a short story collection. Written in Spanish, Era, y otros cuentos (Ediciones del Dragón, Buenos Aires, 2011), is composed of 13 short stories that focus on the themes of desire, doubt, ambiguity, illusion, and disillusion.

Mariana says, “Every Writers’ Program class gave me something: in some I was inspired by the teachers, by their personalities and the quality of their work (as well as their approachability); in others I learned very useful tips and aspects of craft; others gave me the stamina to trust myself and keep writing non-stop, while in others I had a chance to meet good everlasting friends. In fact, I met my mentor and dear friend, the late Philomene Long, at UCLA Extension, and for that alone I am deeply grateful.”

Congratulations, Mariana!

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