Online creative writing student Robin Garland’s experience in the Writers’ Program proved to be very inspirational after she had the opportunity to study with and get to know instructor and novelist Caroline Leavitt. Robin ended up interviewing Caroline for a feature article in the March issue of The Writer Magazine, a publication featuring advice and motivation for writers.

As a certificate student, Robin has taken several Wp’ courses and shares that, “Caroline Leavitt’s advanced novel writing courses helped me take two-dimensional characters, and delve deeper into each so that the reader will become emotionally invested. Lisa Cron had good advice and talent for pointing out where your true storyline is, and how to blend tension, drama, and plot.”

As for her advice to other students, Robin says: “Be open to constructive advice. Have patience. Learn everything about your craft. A good understanding of the basics will take you a long way into being published.”

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