Wp’ student Natashia Deon’s piece “A Touch Like Water” was published in Issue 2 of The Rattling Wall in winter 2012. Published side-by-side with Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Yousef Komunyakaa, and several other authors, “A Touch Like Water” was originally an excerpt from Natashia’s historical novel in progress which she then took out of its historical context and completely rewrote as a flash fiction piece.

Natashia, who created the reading series Dirty Laundry Lit which is co-sponsored by PEN Center USA, took courses with Wp’ instructor Robert Eversz. Natashia says, “Robert is one of the two most instrumental instructors in my writing life, ever. He challenged me to look further ahead in my writing career, beyond our Novel II and III classes, and encouraged me to become a part of the literary community and to find my place as a writer there. For these things, I am grateful.”

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