Wp’ student Jess Alfaro recently had four poems accepted by Snowy Egret, the oldest independent U.S. journal of nature writing.

Two poems, “Rhythms of the Flooded Forest” and “The Search for Pristine Forest,” are about Jess’ recent field expedition to the Brazilian Amazon. Her other two poems, “Terms of Faith” and “Miracles Accumulate By Mistake,” explore her views about faith and nature as a pantheist and an evolutionary biologist. These poems are from Jess’ collection-in-progress, When She Gets Away.

Jess says, “Michelle Meyering was instrumental in helping me get these poems ready for publication and submitted to appropriate journals. Michelle is a fantastic editor and instructor. She is inspirational as a successful poet and journal editor herself, and she offers a wealth of knowledge about the ins and outs of the writing ‘scene’ in LA and the practical aspects of submitting one’s work.”

Congratulations, Jess!


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