Congratulations to Writers’ Program staff alumna, Kate Reeves (formerly Kate Sipples), for her recent acceptance into The Rattling Wall, Issue 3! The issue will be released this fall and includes Kate’s short story, “Obligation,” about an ex-South African policeman who moves his family to San Diego for a new life only to find his past waiting for him there.

Kate has taken many Wp’ workshops and shares this about her student experience:
“I wrote about eight or nine drafts over the course of 18 months in four different Wp’ courses with Lou Mathews, Valerie Fioravanti, Lisa Cron, and Michelle Meyering. It really began to move forward when I learned to throw things away. Lynn Hightower taught us that it’s better to write something new than to expend energy defending pages that aren’t working. I had a few scenes of the protagonist in the workplace that just had nothing to do with the core of the story, but it took me six months after Lisa Cron pointed this out to bring myself to throw them away. And I liked it better almost immediately. But it wasn’t an easy lesson to learn!”

We’re excited for you Kate and can’t wait to check out your first story!

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