Writers’ Program student Melissa Yancy has had a very successful 2012, with three stories recently published.

“Firstborn,” about a trip to Paris, got its start in fall 2011 in David Borofka‘s Art of the Short Story: Advanced Workshop (Online). It appears in the summer 2012 issue (#86) of Prairie Schooner.

“Boolean Napoleons,” the story of an autistic file clerk that re-imagines his office life, appeared online in PANK in April.

“Teeth Apart,” about a yogini’s day of reckoning in Davos, is the first-place winner of the Glimmer Train Fiction Open, and appears in the summer 2012 issue (#83) of Glimmer Train Stories.

Melissa says, “David is a very supportive instructor and tailors his feedback to the skill level of each student. I had never taken an online course before and I loved connecting with writers outside of my own city—online classes offer a broader perspective.”

Congratulations, Melissa! Keep it up!

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