Creative writing student and former Pen Emerging Voice Fellow Jennifer Givhan’s novel, In the Time of Jubilee, is now agented! She credits this next step in her work largely to her recent mentorship with online novel writing instructor, Lynn Hightower. She says, “Lynn helped me light a fire under my story’s structure. Before I began working with her, I had no idea how to fix pacing problems and get out of ‘backstory rapture.’ I am so thankful for her supportive mixture of encouragement and critique.”

The book revolves around Bianca Vogelsang who, unable to face the loss of a child her family never knew she was carrying, comes home with a doll in her arms—a doll she believes is her daughter Jubilee. Ultimately, in order to heal and begin anew, Bianca must allow herself to let go of the comfort Jubilee gives. If she cannot, she risks losing everything real in her life.

Jennifer has this advice to give other aspiring writers: “Listen to the pros, follow your gut, and take heart—your readers are out there, and your book will find its way!”

Congratulations—we look forward to the news of when your book is sold, Jennifer!

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