Creative writing student Emily Colin’s first book is soon to be released on August 21st! The Memory Thief (Ballantine Books/Random House) is about Madeleine Kimble, who gets the devastating news that her mountaineer husband, Aidan, has died in an avalanche, leaving her to care for their son—a small boy with a very big secret. The call comes from J.C., Aidan’s best friend and fellow climber, whose grief is seasoned with survivor’s guilt . . . and something more, J.C. has loved Maddie for years, but he never wanted his chance with her to come at so terrible a cost.

Emily took an advanced novel writing course online with Caroline Leavitt and said, “Caroline was an absolutely fantastic teacher; she became my mentor and made a huge difference in my self-confidence as a writer and in encouraging me to pursue publication for my work.”

She also shares this advice: “The road to publication is a long one, with many unexpected twists and turns. Be persistent but patient, and trust your instincts. Treat your writing as you would any other job…work hard, build connections, read blogs, do your research. Keep writing what you love, no matter what the market dictates. And above all, don’t give up!”

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