After a summer of lounging (it’s okay to admit it… nothing wrong with that), fall’s the time to finally get back into your writing. We have a ton of classes ready to help you get your feet wet again—just ask our staff!

Over in online creative writing, Katy Flaherty thinks you should try Out Loud: Performance Poetry, Hip Hop, and More. Why? “This course is unlike anything we’ve offered online. Performance poet Rachel Kann is bringing in rapper/spoken word artist Sage Francis and poet/National Book Award finalist Patricia Smith as guests. During the class you actually record your own spoken word piece. It’s going to be amazing and I wish I had time to take it myself!”

Online advisor and creative writing guru Alicia Wheeler recommends Writer as Witness to Life, with liz gonzalez. Alicia says, “Fiction and nonfiction writers unite! This class teaches you the art of observation and how it can enhance your work in multiple writing genres.”

Carla Janas would like to bring to your attention the online class: Writing and Selling Your Romance Novel, taught by Jessica Barksdale Inclan. She says, “Romance is a thriving market (as in a billion dollar a year thriving). If you got sucked into the Fifty Shades of Grey along with the rest of the world, then definitely consider this class! It’s not offered every quarter.”

If romance isn’t your thing, then how about comedy? Expert creative writing advisor Sara Bond recommends a brand new onsite class, Funny but True, Writing the Comic Story taught by new instructor and short story writer Jim Gavin (his collection comes out soon, btw). Sara says, “Some of my favorite authors, including Mark Twain and Douglas Adams, got to be my favorite because of their keen wit and sense of humor. This course will help you examine just that… how to be funny!”

What about our screenwriters?

Trusty advisor and screenwriter Jeff Bonnett has this to say about Writing the R-rated Comedy: “R-rated comedies are some of the most sought-after scripts today, so this is a very relevant course for students looking to develop a commercial comedy under the guidance of our new instructor, Hank Nelken. It’s not offered every quarter so grab your seat in the class while you can!”

Jeff’s cohort, screenwriter (and sometimes gamer) Chae Ko recommends Writing for Video Games taught by Robert Bryant—and it’s online! “Video game stories are becoming just as compelling, if not more sophisticated, than cinema. Every screenwriter should have this in their repertoire if they want a lasting career. (Good point, Chae.)

Finally, a recommendation from yours truly. One month. One class. One word: Nanowrimo. In case you’ve never heard of this “event,” Nanowrimo is when writers from all around the world try to write a novel in, yep, one month (November). Instructor Ian Wilson calls Write a Novel in a Month as Part of National Novel Writing Month a “writeshop” rather than a traditional “workshop,” as you and your peers will strive to reach the 50,000 word-finish line. I’m rooting for you!

If none of these sound like the right fit for your goals, feel free to call us at (310) 825-9415. We’ll guide you toward the right class to take this fall!

Mae Respicio is the Program Representative in Creative Writing.

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