Where Birds Never Sang, a documentary written by Writers’ Program instructor Victoria Zackheim, is airing on PBS this month. Says Victoria, “North of Berlin in a pastoral setting sits Ravensbrück, the only concentration camp built by the Third Reich specifically for women, and one that was both a labor camp…and a brothel. Not far away, in the town of Oranienburg, sits Sachsenhausen, designed by SS architects to be the ideal camp. This film tells the story of these camps and the extraordinary people who died there, and it follows the lives of a few who survived.”

Victoria says, “How many of us have the privilege of loving our work? As if being able to write and edit weren’t enough, I’m also blessed with my role of instructor in the Writers’ Program. Working with writing students of all levels reminds me of how we not only are defined by our words, but shaped by them as well.”

Congrats to Victoria!


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