Mariya Taher has published her first story, “American Daughters,” which she wrote in The Art of the Short Story: Advanced Workshop (Online) with David Borofka. She credits the Writers’ Program with helping her get published.

“I began taking courses through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program in 2008 and have never stopped. In summer 2012, I took The Art of the Short Story. Not only did we have to submit two short stories and a revision piece, but we were also required to submit one of the short stories to ten publications. This meant that I had to prepare myself for rejection. And yes, rejection came. But after 6 rejections, I got a bite and I’m ecstatic to report that Pulse Literary Journal accepted my story and will be publishing it. Being a part of the Writers’ Program has allowed me to connect with writers all over the world, sharpen my skills, and feel confident that my stories are worth sharing.”

Congratulations, Mariya! We look forward to seeing what you do next!

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