One of the best arguments there is for taking a writing course is that it forces you to write, week after week after week. Whether you’re working on a character sketch or writing the next 10 pages of your novel, it’s easy to lose momentum if there isn’t a firm due date looming somewhere in your future. Without fixed deadlines, months may pass with nary a word to show for it. Your protagonist, with whom you used to have an intimate relationship, is now just somebody that you used to know. When you run into an old friend who asks, “Writing going well?” you blush fifty shades of pink before muttering “yup,” and then quickly changing the subject.

NO MORE EXCUSES. With more than 110 writing courses to choose from each quarter, both online and onsite, in fiction, creative nonfiction, feature film writing and television writing, the Writers’ Program will have you churning out page after page after page on a weekly basis. We welcome all levels of writers from beginning to advanced, and we have evening, daytime, and weekend options to accommodate even the most challenging of schedules.

LOOKING FOR A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT APPROACH TO LEARNING? We know that traditional classroom settings aren’t for everyone. That’s why we offer several alternatives to choose from, each one guaranteed to keep your fingers dancing across those keys.

UCLA Extension Writers Studio:
Offered once a year in February, this intensive program gives your project an infusion of energy that will keep you writing long after the Studio ends. You chose one of 10 workshops in which you work closely with a professional writer for 4 full days in classes limited to 15 students. Depending upon which course you choose, at the end of the 4 days you might have a draft of a chapter, a solid outline of a script, or a complete revision of a problematic section you previously wrote, as well as plenty of helpful feedback from your instructor and peers.
(This year’s Studio is February 7-10 and some courses are still open!)

Consultations: If you prefer a one-on-one approach to a classroom setting, consider our consultation services. You’ll receive personalized guidance from a professional writer who will read your work and give you both written and oral notes on craft issues such as characters, structure, or plot. Fees are based on format and page length. You may request a specific Writers’ Program instructor with whom you would like to work or our knowledgeable advisors can recommend an instructor for you.

Mentorships: Looking to take your script to the next level? Want to ready your novel for publication? The Writers’ Program offers online mentorships in novel writing, feature film writing, and television writing. You’ll be given daily online access to an instructor of your choice (depending on availability), Monday through Friday for 4 full weeks. Bring your toughest questions and get the answers only a professional writer can give. Note: Mentorships are appropriate for students with a complete or near-complete manuscript or those who have written at least one full-length screenplay or television script.

SCRATCHING YOUR HEAD OVER THE OPTIONS? We completely understand. Let our knowledgeable advisors help you determine the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be. Call us today!

For questions about: Screenwriting (onsite and online), call Jeff Bonnett at (310) 206-1542, Creative Writing (onsite), call Sarah Lim at (310) 825-9416.

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