Poet Elya Braden recently published two pieces in Amarillo Bay, an online literary magazine.

“One of these poems, Play Me, I wrote while taking Michelle Bitting’s class in the fall of 2010. Play Me was inspired by our assignment of listening to Jazz music and reading the Beat poets. I wrote the other poem, What the Snow Says, while taking Intermediate Poetry with Suzanne Lummis in the fall of 2011. I was inspired by our reading the poetry of Tim Seibles and by an assignment to write about a dream and a memory involving blood and then to weave those images together.”

Elya credits the Writers’ Program with helping her hone her craft and get published. “Michelle was not only encouraging and thorough in her review and feedback on the poems we wrote, but I also learned a great deal about poetic forms (sonnets, ballads, villanelles, sestinas) in her class. Suzanne has considerable depth in her knowledge of contemporary poetry and an incisive eye for editing poems. I am grateful for what I learned from each of them.”

Congratulations, Elya!

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