Despite what the naysayers will have you believe about social media being a huge waste of time, the truth is that some media sites can actually provide real value — especially for aspiring writers. Whether you’re a full-time writer who spends all day in a small room with just you, yourself, and your computer; or one who has to beg, borrow, or steal a few minutes at the end of a long, exhaustive work day just to eke out a few intelligible words; social media can help, rather than hinder, your efforts.

Here’s what sneaking a few quick peeks at the Writers’ Program’s social media sites can do for you and your writing!

Writers’ Program’s Facebook Page:

Each day you’ll get a daily dose of writing inspiration to motivate you to keep pounding away on the keys, even as the voices in your head are questioning your every keystroke. Like us, and you’ll become part of a growing community of writers from all over the world (5,700 and counting!) who are as passionate about writing as you are and who enjoy sharing their opinions and advice about good books, good movies, and good writing.

Writers’ Program’s Twitter Page:

Get up-to-the-minute notices about newly opened courses, deadlines for applying to Writers’ Program’s programs and services (such as one-on-one mentorships, consultations, competitions, and scholarships), upcoming writing events, and readings by Writers’ Program instructors. In just seconds a day, you’ll help yourself stayed plugged in to news that’s of specific interest to the writer in you.

Writers’ Program’s Pinterest Page:

The Writers’ Program recently joined Pinterest and has already posted a cornucopia of images for your perusal, all related to writing, of course. Get inspired by images of our students’ and instructors’ published work, chuckle at humorous reading- and writing-related images, and renew your writing vigor with bulletin board-worthy quotations and writing advice from the pros.

Writers’ Programs’ Website:

Our website is nothing if it’s not comprehensive. You’ll find bios, photos, and teaching philosophies for each one of our 200 instructors, discover excellent alternatives to traditional classroom learning, get information on available competitions, scholarships, and free events, and read about writing students who have succeeded in getting published or produced. Add us to your bookmark bar and you’ll be only a mouse click away from an unrivaled resource for your writing education. (Pssst! We’re just weeks away from launching a brand new website, filled with even more of the resources you need to make the Writers’ Program your one-stop-shop for all things writing.)

Even if you aren’t a former or current Writers’ Program student, we’re excited to count you as a member of our social media writing community. Of course, we’re happy to talk to you by phone or email as well. We’re here Monday – Friday, from 9 -5. Contact us at (310) 825-9415 or

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