Longtime Writers’ Program student Tara Ellison will be publishing her first novel with The Writer’s Coffee Shop, the original Australian indie publisher of 50 Shades of Grey.

Synchronized Breathing tells the story of Scarlett Spencer, a 35-year old single mom of a toddler who is forced to move back in with her over-sexed mother, CeCe, in Beverly Hills. Tara calls it “a single mother’s guide to hunting and fishing in Los Angeles.”

“The UCLA Extension Writers’ Program has been a very important part of my evolution as a writer and I can’t stress that enough. I credit Stephanie Waxman for helping me find the courage to begin to turn a private passion into something I felt comfortable sharing. I have also taken classes with the fabulous Cindy Davis (this past Writers Studio in February), Megan Crane, Jacqueline Stenson and others. These teachers gave me the courage to find my voice and turn what had only ever been a private passion into something that I might dare to share. Finding a path to publishing has been a long and arduous journey, but being a part of a writing community has helped to fortify me for the long haul.”

Synchronized Breathing will be released in November.

Congratulations, Tara!

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