After working fast and furiously for the past several months, the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program is extremely happy to officially roll out its brand new website. This visually pleasing new site has everything that made the original Writers’ Program site so easy to use and navigate, plus a number of excellent new features designed to enhance the user experience.

Here’s What’s New

  • A concise drop-down menu that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • An organized system for accessing more than 200 Writers’ Program instructor pages
  • A streamlined process for applying to advanced courses
  • An efficient method for reporting your own success stories
  • A nimble search function for quick access to archived success stories and feature articles
  • An interactive component for students to comment on Writers’ Program posts
  • Dedicated pages and links to Cut to the Chase and Inside the Room, two new screenwriting books written by Writers’ Program instructors and forthcoming from Gotham Books

Here’s What Continues

  • Weekly posts featuring interviews with instructors; news about upcoming events; and announcements about competition winners, encroaching deadlines, new programs of interest, etc.
  • Weekly success stories highlighting current and former Writers’ Program students and instructors
  • Comprehensive information on each of the Writers’ Program’s 200 published and produced instructors, including photos, bios, teaching philosophies, and links to their professional blogs and websites
  • Easy-to-find, up-to-the minute information about Writers’ Program’s certificate programs, competitions, 4-day Writers Studio, Master Classes, consultations, mentorships, scholarships, and free events
  • Social media connections, including a Twitter feed and links to the Writers’ Program’s Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube pages

As Program Manager, I would like to thank the Writers’ Program staff for their unflagging dedication to bringing the new site to completion in an amazingly short period of time. First and foremost on my list is Chae Ko, who worked relentlessly to design the site with a fresh new look and to find the widgets and plug-ins we needed to do the job right. I can’t thank him enough for his steadfast patience each time I requested “just one more teeny tiny change” for the 30th or 50th time. Sarah Lim and Susan Sath worked tirelessly to relink URL’s on hundreds of web pages as we transferred data, and Carla Janas used her keen proofreading skills to point out typos, inconsistencies, and odd structural issues through oft-bleary eyes. Katy Flaherty helped with proofreading as well, and Alicia Wheeler, Jeff Bonnett, Brandon Covey, and Linda Venis all offered valuable suggestions for making improvements. I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you!

All of us at the Writers’ Program are excited to see this new site go live and to give our 8,000+ monthly users an opportunity to explore and experience the improvements for themselves. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions, and we thank you for your continued support.

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Cindy Lieberman

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