Writers’ Program student Marilyn Robertson recently published “How They Treat Brooklyn Umbrellas” in the online Boston Poetry Magazine. Marilyn has also published in instructor Suzanne Lummis’ online journal speechlessthemagazine.org and in the anthology Chopin with Cherries (Moonrise Press).

Marilyn praises the Writers’ Program and Suzanne for helping her along her writing journey. “I have taken classes in the persona poem, noir poetry, and at all levels from beginning to master class. The prompts, the exposure to excellent examples of contemporary published poetry and the week-by-week honest feedback on my own work has been invaluable. Suzanne Lummis, in particular, has the ability to look closely with her student at what is intended and to help him or her raise the bar in realizing new possibilities for improving the work.”

Congratulations, Marilyn!

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