Darryl Webster was recently hired as a contributing writer by the Manchester City Football Club for their upcoming season. He’ll write and publish one piece per month on their homepage between August and May. The MCFC has over 6 million followers via social media, so this is a huge opportunity for Darryl to have his work read. And as he puts it, “this is nothing short of a dream-gig for me, as I am just about as big a fan of Manchester City Soccer as one can be!”

Darryl credits the Writers’ Program with giving him the skills to make his dreams a reality: “Not only did Norman Kolpas‘ teaching, guidance, and mentorship lead to this exciting opportunity, but it also resulted in additional publications of my writing including Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star. Quinton PeeplesIntermediate Rewrite was my first course at the Writers’ Program and his impact was also tremendous. Quinton helped an adult student feel comfortable in his return to education and followed it up with masterful teaching of story, discipline, and a love of writing. A massive thank you and debt of gratitude to Norman, Quinton, and everyone at the Writers’ Program. I will forever consider Westwood a home away from home. Go Bruins!”

Congratulations, Darryl!

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