Online student Kerry Fisher just sold her novel, The School Gate Survival Guide, to the Avon imprint of HarperCollins UK as part of a two-book deal. The first book will be published in August 2014, and her second novel, The Divorce Domino, is scheduled for August 2015 publication. Kerry is represented by Clare Wallace at the Darley Anderson agency, and both books have just sold at auction in Germany.

“I wrote large chunks of both novels while enrolled in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program (online, as I live in the UK). When my ideas were hopping about like a bucket of frogs, Lynn Hightower, Jessica Barksdale Inclan and Robert Eversz helped me channel them into a coherent form with the necessary pace, structure and conflict. The immediate and regular feedback from the instructors and classmates was invaluable. Whenever I feel myself getting bogged down when I am writing now, I apply Lynn Hightower’s magnificent advice: ‘This is fiction. We can skip the boring bits.’”

A big congratulations to Kerry!

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