Kathleen Guthrie Woods and Lisa Manterfield met in Barbara Abercrombie’s Writing the Personal Essay class and, upon discovering they had fertility issues in common, decided to launch a blog about their shared experiences. Called LifeWithoutBaby.com, the successful blog has been read by more than half a million people to date. Recently, Lisa and Kathleen compiled some of their favorite posts and survival tips in their new e-book called Life Without Baby Holiday Companion.

“We both learned from Barbara how to craft effective personal essays,” says Manterfield, “and that’s essentially what each blog post is.” Each woman has also written a memoir about being childless. “It’s such a great feeling to use your experiences to help others,” Woods says, “and the natural progression from personal essays is to memoirs. We’ve both taken our stories to the next level.”

Congratulations to Kathleen and Lisa!

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