This year Southern California seems to have skipped our version of winter altogether (hey, 50 degrees is cold!), and jumped straight to spring. Which works well for us, because we’ve already got a hot lineup of courses for you–offered online, in Westwood, and at our Downtown LA location. So what’s new and exciting for spring? We’re glad you asked!

For the budding feature film and television writers out there, there are two exciting new weekend courses in spring—perfect for even the busiest among us. 2013 Outstanding Instructor Award-winner Cindy Davis (Spirited Away and the Oscar-nominated Howl’s Moving Castle) brings us The Secrets of Hollywood’s Hottest Feature Spec Scripts. If you’re interested in writing for TV (and what screenwriter isn’t these days?), check out Ellen Sandler’s How to Turn a Screenplay into a TV Pilot. As the former co-executive producer on Everybody Loves Raymond, she knows what sells for the small screen.

For the more literary inclined, longtime instructor Lisa Cron will teach you how to keep your readers turning the page in Wired for Story: 5 Steps to Creating an Irresistible Novel. As a former consultant, agent, and story analyst, Lisa has spent her career studying great stories and will share the secrets to irresistibility in a convenient one-day format.

We are also welcoming a new online instructor this spring! Peter Nathaniel Malae, novelist and author of Our Frail Blood and The New York Times Editor’s Choice winner for What We Are will be teaching Novel Writing I (Online). As our thousands of online students will tell you, “going to class” in your pajamas is pretty awesome.

This is just a handful of our fabulous spring offerings! Unsure which course is right for you? Our advisors are here 5 days a week to help you find the right class to help you achieve your writing goals. Call us at 310-825-9415 or email

Katy Flaherty is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (Onsite). Contact her at 310-206-0951 or

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