A few years ago and in a past life (as a struggling actor in Chicago), I voiced automated phone lines. I voiced everything from I’m sorry, our lines are busy, please keep holding to If you’d like to speak with a representative, please press one or just say “representative”. It was a lot of fun (although not as easy as you’d think!) and I definitely enjoyed the supplemental income (actors have to pay rent just like everybody else). Secretly, however, I felt bad for whoever would be calling that company wishing and hoping to speak with a live person who could handle his/her issue, only to be “greeted” by an automated version of me. I’m sorry but I didn’t understand the command. Please try again or check us out at www…

Cut to present day—I live in Los Angeles, no longer a struggling actor and working here at the Writers’ Program. If you call our main line—(310) 825-9415—chances are you’re going to be greeted by me. And this time it will be the real me, not the recorded variety! I’ll say to you, “UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, this is Carla” and then we’ll chat about whatever you need help with before I transfer you on to one of the three folks below for further assistance.

That’s right, people, we answer our phones! No phone system to navigate—just one warm body talking to another warm body through the phone lines! Call the office Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, and as long as it’s not a national holiday, you will speak with actual humans! No automated network to get lost in whatsoever (except on those holidays I mentioned above, weekends or 2am). If we aren’t here when you call, simply leave a message and we will return your call!

Call us old school, if you will, but what can we say? We’re here for your advising needs! Confused about which teacher and class suits you best? We can help! Not sure if your 30-page draft is a very long short story or the first three chapters of a novel? We can help! Have an original idea for a TV show but not sure where to start? We can help with that too! The team of dedicated staff below can help you select which of the 88 courses we’re offering in summer is right for you.

Creative Writing Courses:
What types of courses fall under creative writing? Fiction (long and short forms), nonfiction (essays, memoirs), playwriting, poetry, and that children’s picture book you’ve been mulling over for the past 3 years!

Contact Sarah Lim, Program Assistant for Creative Writing (onsite), at slim@uclaextension.edu or call her direct line at 310-825-9416.







Contact Phoebe Lim, Program Assistant for Creative Writing (online) at plim@uclaextension.edu or call her direct line at 310-825-0107.






Screenwriting Courses:
What types of classes fall under screenwriting? Anything on TV or film! Examples include Writing for the Half-Hour Comedy, Writing the 1-Hour Spec Drama Script, and Feature Film Writing Workshop: Outline and Act I, just to name a few! Whether you have an original idea for film or TV or interest in writing for shows that already exist, the Writers’ Program can help determine which class is right for you.

Contact Jeff Bonnett, Program Assistant and student advisor for Screenwriting (both onsite and online) at jbonnett@uclaextension.edu or 310-206-1542.







Summer classes begin June 23rd. Click here to peruse the catalog for course offerings and call us today about which course is right for you! Advisors are standing by…

Carla Janas is the Assistant to the Director and has recently started reading mystery thrillers but hates scary movies with a passion. Write to her at cjanas@uclaextension.edu.

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