Margaret Spilman, who won the 2013 James Kirkwood Literary Prize for her short story “Muscle Memory,”has been accepted to the MFA Creative Writing Program at California State University, Long Beach where she plans to write a book. “I owe a lot to the Writers’ Program since that was the first place I really came to terms with being a writer,” says Margaret. “Daniel Jaffe has been so immensely supportive, not only with his teaching but also with his belief in my work. Francesca Lia Block, Marisa Matarazzo, Laurel Ann Bogen, Michael Buckley–all witty and wise voices I was lucky to listen to. I can safely say there isn’t a class I’ve taken that I haven’t been the better for.” Her instructors were also instrumental in her MFA acceptance: “Daniel, Marisa and Laurel all were gracious enough to write me letters of recommendation after I took their classes and jumped through all the hoops that entails.”

We are so proud of Margaret, and excited for the next stage in her writing journey.

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