Liza Neniouc, an online student in the Certificate Program in Feature Film Writing, will have her four-episode TV miniseries produced by Russia’s largest TV network, Channel One. Liza is the writer of the original screenplay, a modern dramedy, which is set to begin production in October 2014.

Liza says the certificate program transformed her life. “Not only was it extremely useful professionally and basically shaped my current career–giving me the knowledge and tools, as well as confidence and patience, to write–but I also met really amazing people. Being in Moscow, I could only dream of attending in person, so I’m eternally grateful for the online program.” In particular, instructor Michael Barlow was instrumental in Liza’s creative development. “Michael introduced me to fantastic books, movies, and new ways of thinking and writing. It’s been an exciting journey and Michael has been a true mentor.”

Congratulations, Liza!

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