Online student Susan Oren recently published her personal essay, “Liberal, Well-Meaning Mom Blows it When Her Son Comes Out–Then She Feels Blessed” in the Huffington Post’s Gay Voices. As she puts it, “We’ve all heard the right-wing and/or religious parents’ reactions; the intent of this essay is to present something different.” In the piece, which she workshopped in Gordon Grice’s online The Art of Creative Nonfiction, Susan describes her reaction to her son’s coming out during a Hanukkah dinner.

Susan says her online class not only provided her with helpful feedback, but also a community of writers. “Gordon’s class allowed me to read the other writer’s works in a leisurely fashion when my mind was turned on as well as the ability to absorb other people’s writing styles–what worked, what didn’t. I also made some new writer friends living in the Midwest, Canada, and South Africa. Six months out of the class and we continue to send each other our work.”

Congratulations, Susan!

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