At the Writers’ Program, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep our writers engaged and our courses current. So as the winter quarter begins this January 5th, we offer you the following exciting new courses, along with our tried and tested classes.

If you live in Los Angeles, check out our NEW Onsite Offerings:

Encountering the dreaded writer’s block when you’re in the middle of your story can be annoying at best, and crippling at worst. In Kicking in the Wall: Writing through Blocks and Creating New Work, a 6-Week Course with instructor Barbara Abercrombie, you’ll discover new methods to delve deeper into your story and gain tools that will help you write through writer’s block.

Some of the best-selling books of all time are Mysteries, Thrillers, and Crime Novels. Writing and Marketing Cozies, Thrillers, and Crime Novels , an 8-Week Course with instructor Jerrilyn Farmer, will teach you how to devise the right clues, dig into human motivations and increase the dramatic conflict in order to create a compelling crime novel.

If short fiction is more your style, check out Getting To Yes! How to Get Your Short Stories Published. In this 3-hour seminar, instructor Brandon French will teach you how to shape stories that appeal to literary journals and magazines.

And if you dream of writing a successful TV pilot, sign up for TV Pilot Essentials. In this 10-week course, instructor Lee Hollin will take you through the elements of a successful pilot, and help you discover why some pilots get ordered to series, and why some don’t make the cut.

If you prefer to learn from the comfort of your home, check out our NEW Online Offerings:

The lyric essay is quickly becoming one of the most popular sub-genres in essay writing. In Kimberly Burwick’s course, The Lyric Essay: Writing by Associative Leaps, you will understand how to pair poetry and prose elements in order to create contemplative, associative and purposeful essays.

Question the conventional definitions of plot structure, character, use of language and more in Writing Experimental Fiction with Tantra Bensko. In this unique course, you’ll discover how to infuse your prose with your own authentic voice and original vision.

Finally, learn how to write the next box-office hit in Screenwriting: Film Genre and Structure. Instructor Jule Selbo will take you on an in-depth exploration of specific film genres, and teach you how to unleash powerful film writing skills to create the kind of films that audiences crave.

If none of these courses are the right fit for you, don’t worry—we’ve got almost 100 more for you to explore!

To enroll in any of our courses, go to or contact Registration at 310-825-9971.

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Nutschell Windsor is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (online) and Events. Contact her at (310) 794-1846 or

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