Writers’ Program student Sarah LaBrie has a lot to be proud of. After she studied with Lou Mathews and Paul Mandelbaum, she went on to get her MFA in fiction at NYU. Her work has appeared in Epoch, the California Prose Directory 2013, Encyclopedia Journal and Joyland. And now she’s editing the California Prose Directory 2015, an annual anthology of writing about California published by Outpost19, and she wants your submissions! See guidelines at https://outpost19.submittable.com/submit/39507.

Sarah says her Writers’ Program courses taught her invaluable writing lessons and exposed her to the LA writing community. “Lou and Paul went out of their way to make me feel like my work mattered and to reassure me that the hard parts–the revisions, the rejections–were part of everyone’s process and not signs of imminent failure. Their workshops also helped me build a community of writer friends in L.A., many of whom I continue to exchange work with even now.”

Congratulations, Sarah!

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