Margaret Chen, who completed her Certificate in Fiction Writing last year, had her story “The Zhangs and The Zumans,” which was nominated for the Kirkwood Prize in 2011, published last month on The Carolina Quarterly’s Web-Exclusive Fiction page.

Margaret credits her Writers’ Program instructors with imparting the skills necessary to get her work published. “I learned how to critique, workshop, revise, read widely, and submit work regularly at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. Through this process and with the encouragement of my instructors, I was able to publish my first several pieces of fiction. The Writers’ Program has also given me excellent preparation towards earning an MFA. I am indebted to the staff and my many fine instructors, especially Beth Ann Bauman, David Borofka, Lisa Cron, Lynn Hightower, Anna Maria Hong, and Charles Wyatt, for all the progress I have made as a writer and reader.”

Congratulations, Margaret! We can’t wait to see what you publish next.

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