Former Writers’ Program student Katie O’Reilly is currently in the second year of her MFA program in nonfiction at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (ranked third nationally among nonfiction graduate programs). Katie began her memoir, which is now her MFA thesis project, in Alison Singh Gee’s Intermediate Creative Nonfiction.

“I would not be where I am, and doing as well as I am, were it not for UCLA Extension. Alison was the first person to convince me that I had a book project brewing (I thought I was just writing a funny little prompt at the time), and work that I polished in her class served as my MFA application manuscript. Amy Friedman was also hugely supportive of my project, and helped me to see it as a truly important story to tell. I can say without hyperbole that enrolling in my first Writers’ Program class was a life-changer.”

Katie’s essay “The Egg And I” is forthcoming in The James Franco Review, and she is also the Managing Editor of Ecotone Journal, a literary journal out of UNCW.

Congratulations, Katie!

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