For some, fall traditionally signals the beginning of the “Day of the Dead.” At the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, it also signals the “Days of the Deadlines.” As summer breezes give way to autumn winds, and fall trickles in as stealthily as fog on Halloween, you’ll want to be ever mindful of encroaching deadlines for some very special offerings at the Writers’ Program.

Master Class Deadline: August 28, 2015, 4pm (PST)

Master classes are designed for advanced students who have a complete first draft of a novel, feature film script, or TV pilot or spec script, and are serious about revising and polishing their drafts to ready them for agents. These 6 – 9 month courses with 8 students max, involve intense individual instruction from master instructors, peer critiques from talented peers, and a focus on process and results. Enrollment in the Master Classes is by submission only and submission materials and application fees must be received by the deadline in order to be considered.

For more information on master classes offered by the Writers’ Program this fall, check out these links:

Master Class in Television Pilot Writing (6 Months)
Master Class in Feature Film Writing (Online/Low Residency, 9 Months)
Master Class in Novel Writing (Online/Low Residency, 9 Months)

“You don’t need to go to film school to be a writer, but you do need to write (a lot) and to be around other writers. These classes are a great way to plug into the community, and to get feedback from both seasoned vets and your peers.”
David Budin, former Master Class in TV Pilot Writing student who was subsequently staffed on Netflix’s Grace & Frankie

Advanced Courses Deadline: August 31, 2015

Each quarter, the Writers’ Program offers several advanced level online and onsite courses in both creative writing and screenwriting. Heavily workshop-based, these advanced courses are designed for students who are well into their manuscripts or scripts. Admission is by submission only. For a list of fall advanced courses and submission guidelines, go here.

“I’d been writing my entire life, but until I took a WP class, I’d never had to revise a story. Any awards I’ve been fortunate enough to win, and any skill I’ve developed as a writer and an editor, I can trace back to the lessons I learned at UCLA Extension.”
J Ryan Stradal, former advanced student whose award-winning novel, Kitchens of the Great Midwest, was recently published by Viking to rave reviews.

Claire Carmichael Scholarship in Novel Writing Deadline: September 11, 2015, 5pm (PST)

Short on cash but long on passion? If you’ve taken 1 novel course in the past 18 months and are serious about getting your novel written, listen up! The Writers’ Program recently launched the Claire Carmichael Scholarship in Novel Writing, and there’s still time to apply. Made possible by UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Claire Carmichael, this scholarship names up to 6 scholars annually based on the strength of their writing. Each scholar selects 3 full-length Writers’ Program courses to be taken during a 1-year period. At the close of the year-end program, these 6 scholars get to submit their best 75-100 pages for a chance to win a 2-month, 1-on-1 mentorship with Claire Carmichael herself. Click here for more information on applying for this valuable award.

So there you have it — several opportunities to get your work written and polished and all you have to do is meet those looming deadlines! The clock is ticking, so don’t miss your chance. Run to the nearest computer, strap yourself in, and apply now!

Nutschell Windsor is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (online) and Events. Contact her at (310) 794-1846 or

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