Moisés Zamora

Screenwriting student Moisés Zamora recently landed representation after career coach Lee Jessup, who was a guest speaker in Greg Elliot’s Rewriting Your 1-Hour Spec or Pilot Script workshop, passed his script onto Jewerl Ross at Silent R Management. The day after reading his script, Jewerl signed Moisés, who credits the Writers’ Program with teaching him the professional skills necessary to break into the industry.

“The instructors at the Writers’ Program are invaluable. The key to getting better is listening to everything they have to say and getting the work done, not being afraid of rewrites and starting from scratch. Nothing is wasted. In Victoria Wisdom‘s class, I learned how to develop the logline and pitch for the script that got me representation. Additionally, Matt Witten‘s advanced class pushed me to get the outline and first draft out. Working constantly is part of the process.”

Congratulations, Moisés!

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