If you’ve taken at least one novel writing course at the Writers’ Program in the last 18 months, have at least 10 pages of a novel in progress, and are serious about becoming a writer, then you may qualify for the inaugural Claire Carmichael Scholarship in Novel Writing. But you’ll have to hurry. The deadline to turn in your complete application packet is 5 pm on Friday, September 11.

Claire, an instructor who has taught more than 90 courses for the Writers’ Program since 1994, and who has helped dozens of students get their work published, created the scholarship because some of her most promising students lacked the funds to continue their writing education. Claire’s goal is to help those students who have true talent and a fierce commitment to their projects to get the expert guidance they need so they can finish what they’ve started.

Based on the strength of their writing, up to 6 recipients will be selected to take 3 full-length Writers’ Program courses, all of which will be underwritten by Claire, in a period of 1 year. Then, at the end of January 2017, there will be a bonus round in which recipients are invited to submit 75-100 of the best pages of their manuscript for additional judging. One recipient will be selected to continue his or her writing education in a coveted 2-month 1-on-1 mentorship with Claire (a $2,590 value!) The winner will also receive a UCLA Extension Silver Seal Certificate with distinction as a Distinguished Recipient of a Claire Carmichael Scholarship, and an excerpt of the winning novel-in-progress will be featured on the Writers’ Program website.

What can you do to increase the odds that you’ll be selected as one of the 6 lucky (and talented) recipients of the Claire Carmichael Scholarship in Novel Writing?

According to Claire, judges will be looking for 4 things: 1) the overall quality of the submission; 2) the student’s potential and drive to become an excellent writer; 3) a command of the English language; and 4) talent. Says Claire, “talent shines through at whatever stage a writer has reached.”

Claire, whose writing credits include 27 novels and 20 children’s books, has high expectations for the scholarship recipients. When asked what she would like them to take away from the experience she said, “The knowledge that writing is a lifetime learning experience, the skills required to self-edit, the ability to accept criticism without taking it personally, an appreciation of how difficult it is to write consistently well, and the ability to stand back and evaluate their work dispassionately.”

Are you up for the challenge? If so, click here for an application to the 2016-2017 Claire Carmichael Scholarship in Novel Writing.


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