Ruthie Marlenée, a graduate of the Certificate Program in Fiction Writing, has received Honorable Mention in the Script Competition at the Women’s Independent Film Festival for her screenplay Agave Blues.

Set in a rich, red agave field of magic, this is the story of Maya Miller, an ailing, stressed out Los Angeles attorney, suppressed artist, and mother of Lily, a precocious college student studying abroad in Mexico. As Maya ends her relationship with an unemployed, alcoholic eighties-heart-throb, she gets the call that her missing father’s body has been found in Mexico. She has no choice but to heed the calls from the very root of her crazy family tree – agave roots.

“I workshopped this screenplay in Professionally Polishing Your Finished Script with Victoria Wisdom. I’m currently adapting it into a novel which is really shining with the tools I’ve gathered from my Writers’ Program classes with liz gonzález, Daniel Jaffe, Jessica Barksdale Inclán, Rochelle Shapiro, Suzanne Lummis and Lynn Hightower.”

Congratulations, Ruthie!

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