Mystery writer and WP student Glen Erik Hamilton has published his first novel Past Crimes (William Morrow, 2015), a Seattle-based mystery thriller about Van Shaw, a man raised to be a thief by his career criminal grandfather. The novel was published to positive reviews, and Kirkus calls it “a well-written modern rendition of the old-fashioned gritty noir.” If that wasn’t exciting enough, Glen was also nominated for a Best First Novel Edgar Award.

Glen credits his Writers’ Program instructors with helping him and others make their dreams a reality. “My first UCLA Extension class was the excellent Introduction to Fiction Writing with Noel Alumit (fun fact #1: another Alumit alumnus is Gallagher Lawson, who published his first book The Paper Man to rave reviews this past year). In 2008 I attended the four-day Planning the Perfect Murder: Writing the Mystery Novel taught by Jerrilyn Farmer (fun fact #2: her students included Mary Marks and Rochelle Staab, who now both have their own running mystery series. Quite a batting average for Jerrilyn).

Congratulations, Glen!

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