As part of the Writers’ Program 50th anniversary celebration, on Saturday, August 13th we’re offering a FREE 3-hour seminar – How to Become a Professional Film and TV Writerfor students interested in writing for feature film and television. Led by current producer/manager Victoria Wisdom, the course aims to demystify how the contemporary entertainment industry and talent representation system work, so that aspiring writers can better start their careers. It will also break down how to identify your key writing strengths, market them as your brand, bolster your confidence in meetings, and invent strategies to successfully sell your ideas to the right people. Please note: Enrollment is limited and registration is first come, first served.

Read what some of Victoria’s past students had to say:

“Victoria is a human dynamo who makes the business seem accessible and possible; love her!”

“Very enthusiastic and inspiring… professional knowledge is invaluable.”

“Victoria’s smart as a whip and really knows her stuff.”

“A powerhouse! Inspiring!”

“Wisdom’s knowledge of the industry is impeccable and beyond belief.”

If you’re seeking a more collaborative, hands-on workshop to learn how to create a story pitch and craft it’s delivery in front of an audience of peers, a two-day course – Selling Yourself and Your Workwill take place on Saturday, July 30th and Saturday, August 6th. The fee is $240.

Taught by veteran screenwriter and co-author of Cut to the Chase, Deborah Dean Davis, the first Saturday meeting of this course will lay the groundwork for the business of being a screenwriter: how to avoid common pitfalls, how to project a winning picture of yourself and your art, and how to map out a concrete set of career goals. The second Saturday meeting will consist of role-playing and pitching stories in real-life scenarios where situational duress may arise and be tactfully overcome.

Read what some of Deborah’s past students had to say:

“Deborah Dean Davis is not only helpful and smart with her information and teachings, but she does it with so much fun and personality [it] makes the time fly leaving us wanting more.”

“Deborah was great in giving us such insight into how to pitch our film projects. From personal accounts to specific techniques, I felt very informed on how to better approach my pitches.”

“It’s very clear she’s the real thing, and gave fantastic examples of real situations we couldn’t imagine.”

“Deborah Dean Davis cares for writing and the people doing it. I really appreciated her enthusiasm and heart for the craft.”

Enrollment in each course is limited and no tickets will be sold at the door. Be sure to register in advance by clicking on the course titles above! Or, please call 310-825-9971 or visit

Jeff Bonnett is the Program Assistant for Screenwriting (Onsite & Online). Contact him at or (310) 206-1542.

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