Welcome to the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program where your story becomes your success, one page at a time. Whether you’re fresh out of college and ready to enter the real world as a writer, or you’ve been thinking about taking writing classes for too many years to count, congrats! You’ve come to the right place.

Here at the Writers’ Program, all of our courses are open-enrollment, which simply means that there is no formal application process: no transcripts, applications, or reference letters needed. Students who are 18 years or older may sign up for as many or as few courses as they like at the appropriate level (beginning, intermediate, or advanced) to help them meet their writing goals. We offer courses every quarter (fall, winter, spring, and summer), which makes it easy to work around your schedule. And, we have a plethora of online courses that provide the flexibility to study in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re an international student or an Angelino who wants to avoid traffic at all costs, we have a course for you.

Answer the questions below to figure out where to focus your attention in the Winter 2017 catalog.

1. Which description best represents your story?
My story is totally made up. My imagination is a never-ending well of ideas.
B) I see my story play out in my head, like a movie reel.
C) Long prose passages scare me. I prefer shorter forms of expression.
D) My story is my story: I lived through a lot and have plenty of personal stories to write.
E) I’m not quite sure what my story is. Help!

If you chose A, you’re a fiction writer! Whether it’s a novel or short story, you enjoy writing fabricated stories or creating new worlds from pure imagination. Check out courses listed under “Fiction” to see which courses suit you best.

If you chose B, then dive into our screenwriting section! You visualize your story before you put words on the page, and you don’t need long, descriptive passages to get to the point. Look under “Feature Film Writing” to get started writing a screenplay. Or, if you’re interested in writing serialized or comedy scripts, the “Television Writing” category is your starting point.

If you chose C, you may be a poet or a writer for younger readers! See if the classes under “Poetry” or “Writing for the Youth Market” get your creative juices flowing.

If you chose D, you must tell your story! If it’s short and sweet, it’s a personal essay. But if you want to write a full-length account of your life story, then memoir is the form for you! See “Creative Nonfiction” to choose a class that speaks to you.

If you chose E, no need to panic. Since we have plenty of classes to choose from, you can easily browse through our “Special Topics.” You can dip your toes into various genres, see which one resonates with you the most, and go on from there.

Now that you know what you’re writing, let’s determine how experienced you are.

2. What stage of your story are you currently working on?
A) It’s still just an idea. I might have an outline, but I haven’t actually put any words on the page.
B) I’m a few chapters/scenes in, or even halfway through. But now, I’m stuck.
C) I’m done with my first draft! Now, I need help with revisions.

If you chose A, you’re a beginner (Level I) like the majority of our students! Our Level I courses will help you build your writing toolbox and gain confidence in your writing. Don’t be nervous. Our instructors provide a safe classroom environment where you’re encouraged, but not required, to share your work.

If you chose B, you’re an intermediate student (Level II)! Your story is mostly figured out, but somewhere along the way, you got lost. It may be that your outline wasn’t fully thought out, or maybe your story changed drastically and you had to throw out your initial roadmap. Taking a Level II class will get you back on your feet. No sweat.

If you chose C, you’re an advanced student (Level III)! You can apply for our advanced classes, whether you took the prerequisites or not. All advanced courses require the submission of a writing sample, usually due one month prior to the course start date. For a full list of advanced classes and information on how to submit, click here.

For more general questions on certificate programs, instructors, and other services we offer, check out our handy-dandy FAQ’s page here. If you’re new to UCLA Extension and need help navigating through the website, click here for helpful tips.

Now that you have your classes picked out, you can register online by clicking the Reg# on the catalog, or calling the Registration Office at 310-825-9971 to enroll over the phone. And of course, you can always feel free to use our advisors as a resource. Whatever happens, do keep us posted on your progress. You just might be featured as a success story! After all, it’s your story, your success, one page at a time.

Creative Writing (Onsite)
Phoebe Lim
(310) 825-9416

Creative Writing (Online)
Ani Cooney
(310) 825-0107

Jeffrey Bonnett
(310) 206-1542

Phoebe Lim is the Program Assistant for Creative Writing (Onsite). Contact her at 310-825-9416 or plim@uclaextension.edu.

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