Mark Hoadley, creative nonfiction student through the Writers’ Program, can now check “publish an essay” off of his TO DO list! Mark’s piece “When I Was Accused of Groping a Woman I Was Mad Like Trump. Then I Repented” was published in the Washington Post in October 2016 and shares his journey to gain sobriety, change careers after losing his job, and work through an inappropriate exchange with a female colleague while under the influence of alcohol. While he workshopped the piece through different groups and forums, one invaluable avenue was Barbara Abercrombie’s Advanced Nonfiction Workshop. Mark shared his experience in Barbara’s class with me: “Barbara created a supportive and critically insightful environment where both she and students in the class provided invaluable feedback that helped me make important changes to a deeply personal and sensitive essay that made it more readable, more inspirational, and more salable.”

You can read Mark’s very personal essay here. Congratulations again, Mark!

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