Former Writers’ Program student and children’s book author, Jake Gerhardt, has published again! My Future Ex-Girlfriend will come out this May and is the sequel to Me and Miranda Mullaly (January 2017, Penguin Random House), which follows eighth graders Sam (the class clown), Duke (the intellectual) and Chollie (the athlete). If you’re not familiar with Jake’s work yet, acclaimed author, actor, and comedian Patton Oswalt will tell you, “Jake Gerhardt’s debut novel is sweet, knowing, and a super-fun read.” Of his experience taking classes through UCLA Extension, Jake shares the following: “The courses offered through the Writers’ Program were essential to my success as a writer for children. Each class was filled with remarkably talented (pre-published) writers whose insights and notes helped make my books focused, polished and full of humor. What was most important for me was that each week I had to complete a chapter and read it aloud. No procrastination and no excuses, just writing and ideas and more writing. Best of all I now call my classmates friend.”

Wow, thanks for the WP shout-out, Jake, and congratulations on publishing two books in one year! We can’t wait to read My Future Ex-Girlfriend!

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