Recent graduate Lisa Horiuchi was featured in the Ploughshares Solos series and her work also appears in Conjunctions 68: Inside Out: Architectures of Experience. She is also currently working on a novel.

Of her time in the Writers’ Program, Lisa says, “This program is a powerhouse. I recommend it all the time to anyone looking to dip a toe (or leg, or more!) in the artistic waters. Thanks to the support and guidance of the instructors at the Writers’ Program, I was motivated to switch careers and pursue my MFA at UC Irvine. UCLA Extension provided a solid foundation for my application material and equipped me with the language of craft needed to hit the ground running… I am forever grateful to Antoine Wilson, Lisa Cron, Charles Wyatt, David Corbett, Amy Friedman, and the late Les Plesko for my ‘MFA before the MFA.’”

Congratulations, Lisa! If you’d like to know more about Lisa and her Ploughshares solo, click here.

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