Summer is a time of distractions: kids out of school, BBQs, pool parties, vacations, and binge-watching shows in preparation for their fall return. Somewhere in there, writers need to find time to write. Whether you’re writing from a secluded beach hut or just escaping the day to day for a bit, we’ve put together a Summer Writing Playlist, using the energy of summer to boost your productivity while still connecting to the vibes of the season. You can check out the whole playlist here (YouTube) or here (Spotify), and read below for a section-by-mood breakdown. Minus the ‘bonus track,’ it’s just under two hours — a good stretch of time to get in some quality writing!
(And for those who can’t listen to music while writing, the bonus track is for you).

Section 1: Inspire (12min)
The ‘you can do this’ section. Not necessarily for actual writing, but definitely priming yourself to write, knowing you were made for this — to go for it, just do it!


Section 2: Write & Chill (36min)
Now your energy is up and it’s time to slide into the writing groove. Nothing too loud or dramatic, just easy flow with a touch of playful vibes for summer.


Section 3: Turn It Up (19min)
After writing for a bit, your energy may be waning. Push yourself through with these upbeat tunes, or even get up and dance for a song or two while you refresh with your beverage of choice. We all need to take breaks!


Section 4: Focus (34min)
Back to work with some instrumentals. Again, nothing too overpowering, a mix of mellow and upbeat to keep your focused for another stretch of solid writing.


Section 5: Feeling Epic (16min)
These instrumentals have your back as you wrap up your epic writing session for the day. Powerful and emotional, just remember to direct that energy you feel driving you to jump up and make a grand speech, run like there’s no tomorrow, or hop on a dragon and fly away to write.


Bonus Track: Ambience is Key (4 hours)
Whether you’ve written yourself through the whole playlist, or can’t do music while writing, a little ambient sound in the background (in this case four hours of it), can keep you in a contemplative, focused mood the rest of the day.


Big thanks to the WP staff for their input on this playlist — we hope to bring you more soon!

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