It’s time once again to take a peek at some of the course offerings for the upcoming term. Fall is typically the busiest, most packed quarter, so I’ve got an array of courses across genres & disciplines, from one-day to full term, online and in the classroom to hopefully help you choose what’s ideal for you!

NEW Why Writers Fail (And How Not To) with Amisha Patel

Sometimes just getting something written is the hardest part (and it’s rarely easy). However, often even once something is written, writers struggle with what to do next – whether it be revision, getting other opinions, revising again, or getting that work out into the world, there are a myriad of ways writers stumble. Sometimes it’s a lack of focus on the ultimate goal. Sometimes it’s not knowing how to move a project from first draft to completion. Sometimes it’s not knowing what to do with a work once it’s ‘done.’ This one-day seminar looks to explore and provide useful, productive tips in all these areas.
Reg# 356731: Classroom, Saturday December 2, 10am-1pm

NEW Video Game Writing I with Toiya Kristen Finley

I’m not going to say how many writers have expressed interest to me in creating some sort of Choose Your Own Adventure novel, but graphically. Add in multilayered storytelling, dynamic characters, and a full world ‘readers’ want to visit again and again, and you’ve now scratched the surface of writing for video games. Learning to develop stories in new and innovative ways is how writers stay current with audiences, and also fuel their own creativity by exploring methods of collaborative storytelling outside traditional publishing or screenwriting avenues. No matter what your usual/preferred area for writing, this is a course that can expand your knowledge of creating in unique ways.
Reg# 356690: Online

NEW Write a Novel in a Month as Part of National Novel Writing Month with Ian Wilson

NaNoWriMo has grown from a quirky online idea (to write a first draft of a novel in 30 days) to a global writing phenomenon for writers of all styles and genres. One of the reasons NaNoWriMo draws writers in record numbers each year is because of the community of support, something which this course will replicate along with lots of in-class writing time, then addressing what comes after the exhilaration of completing a novel draft in a month.
Reg# 356821: Classroom

NEW Intensive Revision with Merrill Feitell

Completing a first draft is a monumental accomplishment. It deserves recognition and appreciation (and a celebratory drink of choice). However, once the celebration is complete, and the draft has had some time to sit, the next step is delving into revision. All that joy and passion poured into creating that first draft has to get broken apart and reworked and, in some cases, utterly destroyed to craft a new draft that is better, stronger, more amazing. But how do you get from first draft to second (or third or fourth) without giving up? One way to start is by taking this class. (It’s also a requirement for our new MFA Application Prep Specialization.)
Reg# 356786: Online

NEW Memoir Intensive: A Two-Weekend Workshop with Samantha Dunn

Sometimes in order to get going on a project you just have to dive in, intensely – get a solid start before second-guessing anything. With only four classes over two weekends, this course will help fuel your creative energy and give you the start of a new work.
Reg# 356729: Classroom, 4 mtgs

Zombies, Werewolves, and Other Teenage Misfits: Great Characters in the YA Novel with Amanda Gersh

Do you remember when most bookstores divided general fiction into genres for adults and then kids? Maybe there was a separation between the very young and the tween/teen audience, but not much else. Nowadays, not only do many stores have a dedicated YA section, but that is often divided into several sections, the most common (and popular) being romance and ‘paranormal.’ Both these genres are ripe for diverse, rich characters who in some sense don’t belong in the world they inhabit. Knowing how to craft these characters, and pleasing the broad audience that craves them, is a tool all writers can benefit from having.
Reg# 356635: Online

NEW How to Land a Literary Agent with Jennie Nash

You’ve written something great. It’s polished and ready for the world. Now you need help getting it seen, and someone to help represent you in the business of all that – a one-day lecture for all writers with any desire of having their work commercially published (and supported).
Reg# 356776: Classroom, Saturday December 2, 10am-1pm

Take the Stage: A Workshop for Film and TV Writers Looking for an Edge with Laurel Ollstein

It’s becoming more and more common for playwrights to cross over into film and television writing. However, screenwriters can also learn to hone their craft by developing their playwriting skills. This course will explore both disciplines, leaving students with sections of a drafted play and TV show, AND having their work performed by actors in the final class.
Reg# 356700: Classroom

NEW Improvisation and the Sitcom: A Foundational Guide for Writers and Actors with Barry Vigon

For comedy writers, particularly TV writers, a key element to developing scripts and working collaboratively in a writers’ room is being able to toss around ideas. Knowing the basics of improvisation builds confidence in sharing ideas, building on others’ ideas, and constructively working in a collaborative, open-idea environment.
Reg# 356449: Classroom

Showrunners and Show Writers with Ed Scharlach

If you want to write for television, this is a can’t-miss panel with experts and professionals on everything from crafting a great story for TV to building a sustainable career to the difference between working for network vs. cable shows.
Reg# 356736: Classroom, Saturday November 18, 10am-1pm

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