Former student Maryl Jo Fox will soon publish her debut novel, Clara at the Edge. The book will be released on November 21st. In the novel, eccentric widow Clara Breckenridge, seventy-three, is on a last-ditch journey to reconcile with her estranged son, confront the guilty secrets tied to her daughter’s death, and maybe find love again before she dies, miserable and alone. Magic purple wasps saved her as a child from an abusive father, and they want to help her now—but Clara, scared and stubborn, runs from revelation.

Of her time at the Writers’ Program, she says, “After years of false starts in writing, I took the Master Sequence in Magic, Surrealism, and the Absurd.  It was as if a window opened in my mind…The exercises Aimee Bender devised forced me to find inventive ways to go beyond the conscious and explore the unconscious. A writing group of bright and creative people grew out of these classes and met for several years. The class truly changed my life.”

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