Screenwriting Certificate Student Cesar Vitale has been named one of five writers selected for the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship sponsored by The Academy. The Nicholl Fellowship awardees are each given a $35,000 prize, and a reading of a selection of their selected screenplay at the award ceremony in November.

Cesar’s selected screenplay, The Great Nothing, was developed during his classes. Of his experience, Cesar said, “I started writing The Great Nothing while still in class at the Writers’ Program in 2016. After a lot of work in class and rewrites after it, I submitted the end result to the Nicholl Fellowship in early 2017… Every instructor was great in their own way, but the one who stood out to me was Philip Eisner. I workshopped The Great Nothing in class with him, as well as my previous script The Making of Rain, and his insights and guidance were paramount in the process of finishing both scripts. I couldn’t have done it without his classes.”

Congratulations on your success, Cesar! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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