Screenwriting instructor Jule Selbo recently published her first novel, Piazza Carousel: A Florence Love Story, with support from fellow instructors in Writers’ Program creative writing courses.

Jule says, “As I often say to my own students – make sure you are writing from a place and state of mind that is present to you – that reflects where you are in your life. Obviously, the advice is not meant to be absolutely literal (time, location etc.) but – after just having had a misunderstanding with someone very close to me, I decided to explore my feelings on love, friendship, betrayal and opening myself up to new paths in life. Piazza Carousel: A Florence Love Story was born through that exploration – as well as a burgeoning love for Florence, its history, its beauty, its promise, its residents (both native and its ex-pat community).

The book took two years to complete. When back in the USA, I continued to work on it in classes through UCLA Extension Writers’ Program with novelists Linzi Glass and Robert Eversz.  Their input was invaluable – as well as the input from my fellow novel-writing students.”

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